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Senior Night

Home Football Game

Fri., Oct. 28 SENIOR FAMILIES - Click here for informational letter

5pm - Senior marching band members report time at CMHS

5:15pm - Full band report time at CMHS

5:30-6:30pm - Senior band parent/guardian(s) report time at Stadium

Ticket Fundraiser Ongoing until Thanksgiving

Ticket money due Nov. 15

Raffle Ticket Sale - $10 each. Wins a 2016 VW Passat on the evening Thanksgiving Day PA Lottery. Contact Eric Mark for tickets.  Much help is needed to sell tickets at football games and community events.  Please see the Volunteer Opportunities section of this page for signup info!
Musical Pit Schedule Jan. 9th - March 25 On calendar...please check for updates.  If you're interested in being a member of the live pit orchestra for CMHS' musical this spring, please contact Mr. Schrader.

Latest Communications

2016-2017 Membership form:

The 2016-2017  BMBB membership form is now on the Membership Page. Please send in your completed form and dues payment ASAP.  Membership is closed on November 1st.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Home Football  Game - Ticket seller and Concession Stand Volunteers -  Please visit the Concession Stand and Raffle Ticket Sales Volunteer site for information and to sign up.  We need YOUR help to make these large fundraisers successful!   

Student Pick Up Policy:

Please visit the Student Pick Up Policy information page for requirements regarding getting your band student after events/activities.

2016 Marching Band Football Game Schedule:

The 2016-2017  Varsity Football game schedule is now on the CanonMacWPIAL webpage. The band will march at the games, but not the scrimmages.

A Note from the Director A Note from the BMBB President
Any parent who is not receiving emails from the band and would like to receive them, please send your email address to Lisa Kamp at cmbigmacband@gmail.com
Please contact   webadmin@bigmacband.com to leave your feedback. 

This page was last updated Friday October 28, 2016

Canonsburg High School Big Mac Band